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Whose Heaven Is This? Seriously This Lady Isn’t Well 

Yet People Follow Her – An Appeal To Commonsense!

Christian “Prophetess”: In Heaven, Cows Drive Tractors and There’s a Jell-O City

She often speaks at Christian Churches and Conferences. Unbelievable!

I found this on a website when researching her further today.

The last time we heard from Kat Kerr, the self-proclaimed Christian “Prophetess” says she met Jesus and He’s six feet tall and “very handsome.” And she also claimed He lives in a mansion where he loves dancing and desserts.

In a compilation of clips from her latest episode, (2018) Kerr explains that Heaven is really just a giant magical theme park.

Honestly I’m not taking these pieces out of context. Just hear the MP3 link… or get the summary here:

Fun In Heaven - Pink Revelator

So what have we learned?

The Fun Side Of Heaven by Pink Revelator Kat Kerr

From Kat Kerr’s Revelation Realm

Heaven has different seasons.

Heaven has a surf park with 80-foot waves (but don’t worry; you’ll be safe).

Heaven has horses to ride.

Each floor of Heaven has a different aroma.

In Spring, the “trees sing, the flowers will dance with you, even the rocks cry out and worship Him.

Heaven has “flowercopters” to carry people into the air.

Heaven has cows that drive tractors.

The kids sit on mushrooms that rise up into the air.

There’s a city in Heaven made out of Jell-O where you can “eat the mailboxes.” Kids love it.

Heaven has a roller coaster where you leap through the air and go under the sea.

“Tell me again how religion isn’t a delusion?”

(said a friendly atheist)

Religions have many delusions we see in the world Today and quite honestly, in these stressful times, who needs to witness such things, much less encounter impositions from people who are happy to follow those things. No, Jesus imparts a sound mind to you when you walk close to Him – the real Jesus, not a churchy-religious Jesus or New Age Jesus, not a Jesus of your own making, but having a personal encounter with Him and His Words of Life (when not misconstrued). At least that has been my experience and that of many.

Religions and even Christian Cults make all kinds of ‘doctrines’ out of His Words in the Bible and that’s what gets people mixed up. Why can’t we take them just as they are? In this way they can become very real to you throughout life. And that’s what we need on this earth friends, words that are livable not a religious exercise – maybe even conflict over beliefs, making religion one of the biggest disservices to Mankind.

And what makes me sad is some people even bring their kids up in such environments, through no choice of their own. I know a few people who have had that kind of upbringing – they can relax with me. In fact, my dad claimed to be an Atheist for most his life just to keep religious people at bay. He experienced Jesus later in life and kept it personal so he could enjoy his walk.

Getting back to this lady Kat Kerr, something has obviously made her unbalanced and I don’t know why some people take her so seriously, but they do. Some preachers who have heard her address spiritual things in an intelligible way are taken in by her – not having encountered her other material – they are impressed with some of the things she says. Preachers should do their homework well and be careful who they are promoting. If that sounds like an indictment, so be it. I don’t like people being mucked around in the name of God, there’s enough of that.

Here Are Some Comments By Concerned People

The perfection of it all would also be tiring. The perfect meal would mean nothing without imperfect ones to prove it's perfection.

Why would a non-physical realm that doesn't orbit a star have seasons?

In Spring, the “trees sing, the flowers will dance with you, even the rocks cry out and worship Him.”

An amazing feat, considering that plants and rocks lack any sentience, or even a brain.

The kids sit on mushrooms that rise up into the air.

If I ever become a Christian again, I would set up a site that would focus on people who need to be denounced.

I don't understand the need for flowercopters. I thought they're all supposed to have wings.

Are there tangerine trees and marmalade skies?

The flowers will dance with you" Okay, so she's seen way too many Disney cartoons and mistook them for documentaries.

Her description of heaven does sound like something out of a cartoon.

"Heaven has a roller coaster where you leap through the air and go under the sea."

Someone please tell me they know who her dealer is, because I need to get some of whatever she is on.

The mental illness excused by religion is staggering.

I worked in a psychiatric ward and never saw anyone this bad.

I've been a patient in a psychiatric ward five times. I never met anyone this bad.

Even more proof that some people just shouldn't do drugs. They cannot handle them.

Is religion a delusion or is delusion a religion?

To be fair, whilst the religious may live in the land of delusion most religious people would agree that Kat Kerr has dived off the far end of the land of delusion and is busy swimming towards cuckoo land.

Fantasy was the original form of fiction, and it's kind of heartening to see that it's still a thriving industry (for entertainment purposes).

I think Kat Kerr has been partaking of certain mushrooms.

This lady should be tested for LSD or Cannabis.

It's hard to believe that the religious among us, have gone so far afield that they now believe that heaven has a Jell-o city, that heaven has cows that drive tractors. Such delusional thinking can only happen when you lose your mind to a group or groups of people who are supposed to be spiritual leaders and guides. These guides who paint rosy pictures, cannot help but deceive people because that's the only way to gain adherents for their cause.

I find it appalling to think there are people out there who take her delusional ramblings seriously. A Jello City?

It seems that being a Christian means you leave your brain at the church door.

"The kids sit on mushrooms that rise up into the air"

Mushrooms. Well that explains the visions...

This woman is delusional, possibly schizophrenic, but I'm not really qualified to make a diagnosis.

And the soda water fountain, and the lemonade springs, and the bluebird sings, on the big rock candy mountain.

Does anyone believe her story? That's my biggest concern.

A Few Things To Say

Patricia King invites her on her program and claims to have experienced many visions etc also since she was young. Kat Kerr mentioned having hamburgers and rodeos in Heaven in one edition and that was fine with Patricia. Someone told me about 3 Yrs ago she was here in Australia teaching that kind of thing – she was eager to attend that conference. I tried to alert her, but Patricia could do no wrong. Would that such people didn’t spread their talents, we can do without those:)

Yes unbelievable impressions of Heaven. Kat Kerr also claims to have “regular trips to heaven and angels in her house” not sure what she’s tripping on. Would not overlook that possibility. I also think it’s more than likely, she has Schizophrenia because even her flighty manner and dressing so strange often, is a symptom of one type of Schizophrenia some people have who’ve experienced deep trauma of some kind – maybe she has had some type of child abuse or lost a child. I don’t know.

To be on the safe side, I often advise people if they are considering attending a church because they want to have a community of people around them, to avoid Pentecostal Churches in the main because most of them have an unstable element – many of them have all manner of teachings and they go by their feelings a lot. There are a lot more stable people and balanced teaching in the Baptist Churches I’ve found through the years. Often they have Craft Groups and Cafes, Social Outings and Community projects. If You’re looking for a Church Scene, that seems to be the better option.

Personally I prefer the Home Churches concept, also known as Simple Church. There’s real people there, it doesn’t attract the hypocrisy and plastic spiritual facade, follow the leaders and telling each-other what to do. It may surprise you to know that the Local Church System was actually instigated by a Roman Emperor Constantine in 330AD........ that’s three centuries after Christ, not the Early Christians as proposed. They actually gathered as family and friends in each-other’s houses where they could share their interests as well. There was so much joy among them, surrounding neighbours asked to join in. The Roman Emperor considered this to be a threat to his kingdom and sought to weaken the fibre of Christianity, making it a State Institution.

That of-course led to the buildings we see Today with the “One Man Show” (pardon the term but it describes it well) where the Pastor runs everything (and his leadership team). Whereas in a Home Church everything is pretty Simple and everyone participates. They get together at one of their houses, catch up with a good chat as they arrive (you know each-other better that way) they share a meal together and sing together and share Scriptures and Break Bread together. They share inspiration from Jesus they had through the week. All perfectly natural, yet I do find these Christians more spiritual and more balanced.

SMILE: Personally, Disney has never held any attraction for me, so I would not be comfortable there:)

Closing Thoughts

I have heard several interviews with Kat Kerr describing her trips to Heaven. My concerns are these:

1 They are always fanciful with everything she fancies. 2 Everything is "Me Me" orientated to please the flesh.

3 The Lord's Glory seldom gets a mention (He's kind of crowded out, with all the joyrides and activity going on).

4 Although she can sound quite spiritual on certain occasions, much of what she shares is based on human sentiments. 

Patricia comes across as more stable but relates with much of what Kat Kerr says and goes along with it all without a note of concern. That worries me, plus those girls spend a lot of time together, so they have much in common.

There is a more subtle form of deception these days that is going widespread.

You've heard it said, you can test the spirit by seeing if they react to the Blood of Jesus or the Name of Jesus etc.

I'm here to tell you that demons are not so nervous these days. It's very naive to think that works every time Now.

Lets just say they have become desensitized whatever in this way........they don't care how much Kat Kerr checks them out 

(ie the instructions she gives us) because sad to say, she's deceived anyway and her deceptions will be even more convincing if she says all the spiritual things she does - it gets results because you buy it that way. So she is being genuine with you but the Enemy's playing games. He's quite happy to do that if he's getting customers.

Be careful that isn't You.

I hold the Pentecostal Movement responsible for the Acceptance of so much Religious Mania that goes on these days.

The Pastors (and leaders) do Christian's thinking for them instead of allowing them to exercise their own Spiritual Faculties.

Anything and everything that is said or happens over the 'platform' is accepted as Gospel - even Social Gospel which has been replacing TRUE GOSPEL in many Pentecostal Local Churches for a long time now. You would not find such disrespect for The Lord's Presence in the Baptist Movement - their avid regard for Scripture keeps their folk a lot more stable. Pentecostals tend to always be "Looking for something new" and place a lot of emphasis on Experiences.

Pastors, look what you've set your Churches up for Now

and you dare to call yourself a "spiritual covering".

Hence the folly of following preachers, get yourselves into some



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