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Thank you Janet, for the videos on your Grace and Liberty page that help simplify my walk with Jesus. There is just so much confusion out there and now I feel  I can please Jesus without all the influences I've had from demanding pastors.
Julia from Australia
This new website of yours clears up some would be issues of conflict to discuss with some Christians concerning televangelists and even some pastors we have not felt right about for a long time since we have been pressing in closer to God. Thank you Janet.

John and Lisa from USA

I like the videos on this website. They have good information. They are good guidelines for Christians who are not strong and those who are. Some are eye openers! I will make sure my Christian friends hear these.

Samantha from Jamaica

Janet, I've seen the video on Joseph Prince when viewing the Watch Those Preachers page. Then I found a balanced approach to Grace in the videos you have on the Grace And Liberty page which really agrees

with me. This brother has had some really close Fellowship with Jesus.

Felicity from Australia

It's our responsibility not to just accept everything that is said to us but to do our own research in Scripture. Let us use preaching as a guideline but not infallible. We need to check things out so we fully understand for ourselves.

Denoy from Jamaica

Janet, we love the recent changes to your website - the name and beautiful picture! We see you have been busy on two of your other websites and wish you well with this one as there is much needed Info here!

Sally and David from USA

Your page on Apostasy is very good Janet, it tells us necessary things we ALL need to know. Too many Christians go to their church services and are ignorant of what's going on. In fact, most pastors do not know half the information you have on these important matters, which concern our day!

Angela from Australia

Some websites have content which does not disappoint the Christian, you have content

which does not disappoint our Master. I like all your websites!

Michael from Australia

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